Van Jones and his charismatic approach towards Climate Change

Van Jones is an American news and political commentator, author, and lawyer.

Van Jones speaks and writes about how we can create both a prosperous nation and a sustainable planet.

Van graduated from Yale Law School in 1993 then went on to work as the environmental justice advocate for Green For All which he co-founded.

Van also served as President Barack Obama’s Special Advisor on the environment.

Van has helped organize grassroots groups nationwide including Rebuild the Dream that he wrote after Van left the White House.

Van is known for his charismatic approach towards Climate Change by speaking at college campuses across America about this critical issue facing our society today.

He has helped shape the dialogue on racial justice, economic policy, renewable energy, and climate change.

He also founded Green for All, an organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged communities create environmentally sustainable businesses.

Van is currently a CNN political contributor and co-host of the show “Crossfire.”

Van Jones is a well-known environmentalist

Van’s work has helped transform communities through innovation that creates green jobs, improves transportation systems, generates new energy sources, and reduces waste.

Van Jones uses his position and experience as an environmental activist to help provide jobs in impoverished areas where jobs are scarce and people need the most help.

He believes that creating green industry opportunities can save our planet while also providing many new employment opportunities for those who need it most.

This is not only beneficial for the environment but also creates more sustainable communities which lead to a higher quality of life across the board!

Van’s first book is “The Green Collar Economy” talks about simultaneously handling Income Inequality and Climate Change.

Van Jones is a leading voice in environmentalism.

He provides a unique approach to the topic by looking at it from an economic perspective.

It’s well-documented that global warming is hurting the poor more than it is hurting wealthier Americans.

Income inequality and climate change are linked due to greenhouse gas emissions.

Inequality widens public health gaps, racial tensions soar, and justice dwindles.

And if we can’t cut emissions from their number one source, which is fossil fuels, then how will we ever manage to do so?

Proponents of this argument might say – elevate people out of poverty first before you worry about earth day clean up movements.

When it comes to climate change, jobs, and income inequality, there are different approaches for how to go about tackling the issue.

For Jones, pushing people into living-wage careers is vital to addressing these two issues.

His approach is that by providing these living wage careers you take some power out of the hands of corporations and give them back into the hands of people as workers in their own right.

Showing them how they can play a more active role has been key to reducing income disparity between races since he’s seen shifts happen when this was instituted during his time in government.

Controversies surrounding Van Jones in the Past


Van Jones, a man with such internal virtues as to be able to help construct guidance for the Obama administration.


But all this work was shattered when in 2009 it came to light that he had signed an online petition advocating policies that would harm America.


Van Jones had to resign in September of 2009 after it came to light that Van had signed an online petition for the 9/11 truthers.


The controversial yet charismatic community organizer resigned from his position with the federal agency tasked with creating green jobs following criticism over previous political activities, such as questioning if former president George W. Bush had prior knowledge about 9/11.


Jones has also started several non-profit organizations


Van Jones’s resignation couldn’t stop him from pursuing climate change.


After his departure, Van Jones has been active in environmental efforts.


He is the founder of Green for All and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.


The green for all campaign by Van Jones is a movement to create jobs in the renewable energy sector.


This is accomplished by helping to launch and support businesses, provide technical assistance, and make investments that will generate wealth in communities of colour and low-income communities.


The goal is to help people who are most affected by pollution from fossil fuels while also creating jobs for those same people.


It’s an opportunity for politicians to stand up on the right side of history with their constituents by advocating clean air, safe drinking water, healthy food choices – all things every American deserves!


On September 27, 2008, Van Jones helped organize the ‘Green Jobs Now!’

rally to bring attention to the need for more green jobs in America following President Obama’s pledge during his State of the Union address.


Van Jones also co founded The Ella Baker Center For Human Rights which aims to lead social movements that fight against racial injustice and class inequality while promoting economic justice, participatory democracy, and human rights.


Jones believes that Income Inequality and Climate Change are two of the nation’s biggest problems

Jones believes that Income Inequality and Climate Change are 2 of the same issues because they both have resulted in the destruction of poor countries. Therefore, for Jones, it is easy to see the similarities between these two problems.


This isn’t just an American issue anymore but a worldwide issue that affects us all and costs our children their future.


Van Jones is a leader in fighting these issues and finding ways to create real change.


Van Jones envisions a country where every American can enjoy the benefits of living wage careers that help maintain their own sustainable lifestyles.


And his work suggests that Van Jones is making progress.


The way Americans used to approach domestic issues whether related to the environment or not has changed and credit goes to Van Jones along with several other activists for bringing these issues to light and making people care.


We all know that our environment isn’t doing too well, but everyone has their own opinions on what to do with it.


Some people think that by cleaning up a little bit at a time will eventually lead to fixing everything, while others believe that if we don’t clean up now then there’s no hope for the future.


The good news is that one of the easiest things we can do is restore some of our most treasured natural areas back to their original beauty.


Van Jones is both driven by his passion for justice (as seen in the environmental work that led to him receiving recognition from President Obama,) as well as being devoted to growth and evolution himself.


Why can people like Van Jones have massive impacts on climate policies?


Talk about his charisma.


All of the most prominent climate advocates seem to be extremely charismatic people-from Al Gore, who has a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming, to Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s been vocal about problems caused by climate change in recent years.


Celebrities are often held to a higher standard than other people, and this is especially true when it comes to climate change.


Although some of them may use private jets, celebrities have a more social influence on the public than most of us.


And maybe that’s one of the reasons why many people take these figures seriously- because they’re confident in their message as speakers and leaders and it matches what other really influential figures are saying (there are many politicians involved with extending our policies towards fighting environmental damage).


The main takeaways from Van Jones’ commitments:


Van Jones is a man of many talents and passions. He has an extensive background in environmental work, which led to him being recognized by President Obama for his efforts on climate change.


But he’s not just about the environment; as we saw through his TED talk, he also wants us all to grow and evolve together.


It was inspiring to see this driven commitment from such a talented individual who believes that everyone should be given opportunities regardless of their race or economic status.


The Green Jobs Now rally was a success. It brought together people from all over the country to celebrate a strong message sent to and to strengthen his pledge of new green jobs and to call for more in-depth policies that would create sustainable, long-term employment opportunities for Americans.


In addition, it helped bring about an awareness of the need for investing in renewable energy sources as well as pushing back against politicians who have been blocking legislation on this topic.


Renewable energy sources can be pollution-free, and Van Jones’ energy policies would help us in our transition towards more sustainable options.


He believes that investing in these new technologies will lead to prosperity- a good job market means more workers, which means more innovation- which can lift up everyone.


Van Jones has accomplished so much in his life, but he never stops striving for more. We hope that we can apply some of these principles from him into our own lives because it would be great to see others strive towards success like this man!


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