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Never Put Your Bin Out Ever Again!

Oh man, an article about recycling, sustainability, and saving the planet?



You don’t wanna save the planet?

Where else are you gonna live?

My name is Paul and I am the CEO founder of Global Eco Stores and the cold hard truth is I have put my bin out for collection just once in the last five years and I know I will never put it out again (until I move house).

Right now you may think I am an eco-warrior but again the truth is I have not hugged a tree since I was a child.

At home, I am lazier than the average person.

To do what I do is not difficult and if you follow the advice in the ten tips listed you also will never put your bin out again.

Just imagine if we all did it.

10 Steps To Never Putting Out Your Bin Ever Again

1.     Recycle Reuse Reduce

2.     Place A Plastic Box Under The sink

3.     Recycle Left Over Food

4.     Flatten All Large Cardboard Boxes

5.     Can Carrier Bags Be Recycled?

6.     Train Your Kids

7.     Get Some Elastic Bands

8.     Larger Items How to Dispose

9.     Your Bin Is Always Clean!

10.  Clear Conscience

As I said I am not an eco-warrior per se, I just have a social conscious and I detest the thought of what we do.

We make stuff, wrap it in more stuff and when we are done we dig a large hole in the ground and forget about it.

Of course, we cannot continue this way indefinitely.

Generations in the future will view us with contempt, lazy, reckless, irresponsible, and maybe some expletives.

Some solutions will inevitably come into play, my thoughts are, why not bring them forward quicker.

Believe it or not, I have put out my bin for collection just once in the last five years and the reason I put it out two years ago was that I thought I was moving out!

Using the following tips or hacks I know I will never put my bin out ever again


Okay, I cheat a little but the above statement is still true, everything you read will be 100% honest and transparent.

Initially, you might think I am an active eco-warrior and do composting and all that but the truth is when I am at home I am as lazy as they come and it is a source of amusement to my children.

During the lockdowns, I was a single father with three teenage daughters, and man they are messy and they would laugh because I would walk around the house with little picking sticks!

“You sooo lazy dad, your back is gonna seize up if you do not bend down”

Trust me you do not need to be elderly (which I am not), whether you are a busy mom or even living on your own, these things are so handy  😉

Anyway back to the topic, exactly why is recycling important?

Why recycle is important


Everything that is made can be unmade


That is my own quote and maybe there are exceptions.

The concept is simple, whatever the manufacturing process, if you put it into reverse then you are left only with the ingredients, much like making a cake.

If the ingredients are that of a sustainable consistency, then it is true everything that we make, we can unmake, or recycle, rinse and repeat, use and reuse, again and again.

Mankind will reach this realization and adopt it wholly, it is inevitable.

Think about it.

It is more than reckless and irresponsible, it is a little childish, no?

It is akin to sweeping the dirt under the carpet, eventually, you are gonna trip over it.

How much do we currently recycle?

Putting Out The Garbage



The very next time you put out your garbage..


Stop and think.


Take a look around.


Look at you neighbour and then down the street, count the bins.


Then think of your neighbourhood and then your town, then the country, think of all that garbage, all those bins and then realise that in one or two weeks the same amount of rubbish will be collected and thrown into the ground.


Does that not make your mind boggle?


Have You Ever Been To A Landfill?



Like most of us I grew up with my head in the sand.


Where does the rubbish go?


Hmm, well the men collect it and then it goes in the big truck and gets taken away.


Doesn’t it?




I honestly thought it was incinerated.


I cannot remember exactly when I discovered the truth, maybe my early twenties and I was a bit amazed and a little disappointed.


I mean with all this technology around all we do is throw it in the ground? Man, that is so lazy.


I have worked as a courier and I remember my first delivery to a landfill site.


Oh man you’ve gotta go.


Hmm, okay it is not an ideal destination for a short break but wow, these sites are just huge, enormous, gigantic.

How Does A Landfill Work?


Watch this very short but very informative and revealing video:- 

Is There A Landfill Close To Me?



A landfill dump near me? Is there? Er, hell yeah.


You just cannot see it but trust me there is one near you.




Rubbish buried deep in the ground, festering away for hundreds and maybe thousands of years, damn, that is so bad no?  😕


You look at the landfill and think, there has gotta be a better way.


Before I wrote this I did not even realise the negative impact with regards to harmful emissions.


The harmful gases released into the air from the festering piles of rubbish.


There is a better way.


We know this and let’s be fair we are making strides towards the solution but the truth is we could run instead of walk, maybe we should have arrived at the solution a little earlier?


Stop and think.


If you drop litter in the street you could be arrested and fined, well at least fined.


Be a good citizen and put your rubbish in the bin but hell, it just ends up in the ground anyway.



Another short video highlighting the problem in India.

This problem is mirrored and replicated in every nation on this planet and it is not sustainable, there are solutions and we need to get there quicker for the benefit of us all.


I created GlobalEcoStores not just to make money, though I am quite partial to this stuff. I needed a platform to promote solutions to problems.


“Every Problem Has A Solution”


Another of my own quotes, I live by it and preach to my quote besieged children.


“We all have a tendency to focus on the problem and not finding and applying the relevant solution”


Yep, me again.


Bored? No? let’s carry on.


Does Recycling Prevent Climate Change?





Next question.


Okay okay, a little more detail.

Remember though everything here is the only opinion, when it comes to such a topic there is not absolute, the future is unclear.


No one can predict the future, no not even those scientist guys (and girls).


First, there was we might be damaging the Ozone Layer.

Then it was Global Warming and now the catchword is Climate Change.


Climate Change is not a joke.


Of all the mothers in the world.

The most powerful and most destructive is beautiful Mother Nature herself.


“For it is the children who shall inherit the Earth”


That one is not mine, it is very commonly heard and it is 100% correct.


Whatever we collectively do now it is our children who will reap the benefits or bear the burden.



The truth?


No we cannot prevent Climate Change because it has already begun.


How Sweden Have Almost Solved Their Waste Problem



Watch the following video, it goes on a little bit and maybe I will edit it later but the first few minutes are indeed an eye-opener.


Not only does Sweden recycle 99% of their waste, but they are also so good at it they import more of it from the UK at a profit!


They expect, not hope but expect to reduce landfill inclusion to zero in the next three years!


Now that is amazing.


This is a clear case of appraising a problem, finding and applying the relevant solution.


Hats off to them.


They are an example to the world and we all need to follow them.



I am a problem solver and I look for solutions to safeguard my children and all the children. Any parent worries about their kids and wants to protect them.


I have fear for their future.


Not about recycling and landfills, as Sweden has proved, this is actually a problem easily solved, well easy in theory.


The real problem is Climate Change.


Unpredictable and scary.


This problem when it is in our face will probably then be impossible to solve and the solution will then be to run and protect ourselves.


It is a potentially apocalyptic scenario.


I really do not want to be right on this.


The Wrath Of Mother Nature



Mother Nature?


She is similar to a person.


Unpredictable, kind, dangerous, beautiful, angry, nurturing, destructive, fragile, emotional.


I once heard a statement that for every grain of sand there are a million stars.


That’s just crazy ain’t it?


It makes your mind boggle.


Then you think of all those solar systems and just how many planets there might be in the universe.


Makes you feel kind of insignificant and small doesn’t it?


Life On Earth Is An Anomaly



What does that mean?


I was quite good with numbers at school and they do fascinate me.


No? Not a fan?


Please bear with me.


Everything is numbered, from the words in this article, the products in your room, the fingers on your hands, the leaves on the trees.


“Everything that exists or does not exist can be allocated at least one of the numbers 0 – 9”


Yes, me again but it is true, think about it.


Apparently, life here on this planet was due to the Big Bang Theory (Not watched this for ages).


Who knows for sure, for all the ‘evidence’ provided by scientists, unless someone catches it on their iPhone it really is up for grabs.


It is clear though that this planet and life itself are purely by chance, a mathematical anomaly.


Sure there must be other planets somewhere out there capable of sustaining life but then there is the added anomaly of us, human beings.


How are we doing?


The UK government has committed to having all-electric cars by 2030, hmm or is it 2040, answers on a postcard, please.


Either way, it is about sixty years too late.


The gas-guzzling motor car has served us well but has a lot to answer for.


On the whole, we cannot be really blamed.

You cannot stop progress.

We will get there in the end.

Life as we know it depends on it.



Life and Times of the Eco Warrior



There is a child, or probably now a young woman.

Greta Thunberg is her name.

You have probably heard of her.


A new generation. One of the ‘children’ who are indeed inheriting the earth.


Trust me you are going to be hearing a lot more from her.


Her voice and warnings will get louder and louder.


She probably will become the spokesperson of the Earth


“The world cannot be changed by the major actions of the few but by the tiny actions of the many”


I just made that one up but it is true.



She alone cannot change the world but..


“Never before in human history has one voice had the capacity to be so loud, to carry so far, so fast”


Wow, it be like quote city in here  🙂


I follow her on Twitter and man sometimes my phone be bleeping and bleeping, that girl is just banging out those tweets on a regular.


How dare you! We must cut emissions now!


Sceptical or not, once thing is for damn sure, pumping out all those dirty fumes cannot be a good thing, can it?


My own opinion?


We needed to cut those dirty emissions to zero twenty years ago.


Climate change has already begun 😞


If we cut suddenly emissions to zero it would merely slow the damage process which is already underway.


That statement is really some scary ass s**t.


Remember Mother Nature? Who knows what she gonna do.



Effects Of Climate Change



The truth is around the world we begin to see the effects of Climate Change and it ain’t good.


The problem to this problem is the problem.


Hmm did that make sense?


Individually we all have a tendency to focus on a problem only when it is in front of our faces.


“Read the road ahead and all obstacles will fall by the wayside”


Yep, I just made that up.


I guess there were many warnings by many scientists gone by but hey, who’s listening, we are all right, we got more important things to think about.


Trust in the governments?


Always the butt of criticism but let’s face it they are just people just like us and in a democratic world they are focused on one thing that is most important to them..




They are never and will never act on anything unless it is in their interests or the people, you and I demand it, or at least ask for it.


Can you really blame them?


If you were a politician, you would be the same.


It is only now that people are waking up to the truth, removing their heads from the sand that politicians are beginning to listen.


It is important to remember that politicians and governments are just a reflection of the people they serve unless of course, it is not a democracy.


If a million people marched on the government to demand all product packaging was recyclable you can bet your ass there would be changes.


Indeed if people petitioned the commercial entities and businesses that served them with the same demands the change would be even quicker.



You Cannot Deny People Power



Power to the people!

Damn straight!


It sounds cliché but the power is wielded by those whom we elect but the true power always rests with the masses.


It is only in totalitarian states that this does not work.


Though China might appear capitalist, it is a mirage.


Stand up to the regime, protest or even show dissent and you will be crushed.


“One person alone cannot lift the weight of a mountain, we each need to pick up a stone”



Hmm, I am on a roll.


“There is not a need to become the fire, merely a spark will do”


Somebody stop me please.


Someone like Greta knows she cannot change the world.


Instead she tries to be the spark that will light a fire amongst those around us.


Indeed many small fires in the hope they converge to make one big one, enough to transform the world.


A losing battle?


Definitely one worth fighting for.


I have nothing but respect for her, feisty little tyke.




I see all the abuse she receives and yet she is just trying to save the planet.


The truth is any change must come from us, the people.


“Even the smallest of ripples can emerge into a tsunami of positivity”


To make a change within the world first we must look inside and make a change within ourselves.


Hmm, maybe that should be a quote as well

Can you reverse climate change?



Hmm, can you reverse climate change?


Good question.


At the moment, nope.


Are we doomed?




Maybe not.


Remember, every problem has a solution.



Climate change could become the biggest problem mankind has ever faced, much more serious than any world war.


In my opinion?


Yes, it can be done.


As a race, we are damned clever, so very resourceful and that which has caused the issue, progress, and technology could end up being the one thing that saves us.


I predicted some twenty years ago that one day soon we would be able to talk into our watch and our car would appear, we would talk into the computer in the car to connect with the computer at home to run a bath or turn on the heating.


This technology exists now.


I predict one day in the future through satellite technology we will be able to turn a desert into farmland and make it rain in places where there is none.


I hope we will create and develop this technology to reverse the damage we have made to the environmental to reverse the effects of climate change.


Without a doubt, we need to throw a s**t ton of money at it.




Life on Earth may depend upon it.

Ten Steps To Never Putting Out Your Bin Ever Again

1.    Recycle Reuse Reduce

Everything that is made can be unmade, well mostly. We all now try to recycle. Mostly because our neighbors do it.

Now it is even easier with the introduction many of single-stream recycling.

This is where everything goes in one bin and technology paired with machinery sorts it into separate recyclables.

What we put out, is it all recycled?

Hell no.

There are solutions to prevent it from being sold or distributed to the far reaches of the world or buried under the ground.

This though is your guide on how to prevent filling your bin.

2.    Place A Plastic Box Under The sink

Do you recycle as I used to do it?

This is painful and aggravating.

The pieces of cardboard and cans left lying on the side, waiting for your next trip into the cold to place in the recycling bin?

Don’t put a bin in your kid’s bedroom. Put one of these boxes which will last a lifetime.


Teach them what to put in and when it is full empty it in the recycling bin!

Place everything in the box under the sink and when full simply tip it into the recycling bin.

This can be time-consuming if you still have to separate it all but what is the price of a clear conscience?

Tip – When you empty cans of food etc, scrape it ALL out, leave the can under water to rinse. You are asked to do this but the better reason is your box will not get dirty and no need to clean it every time you empty it.


Tip 2 – Those plastic bottles? Squeeze them as small as you can, removing all the air, and replace the lid. Again we are asked to do this but a better reason is if you do this it will reduce the size and take longer to fill the box, meaning fewer trips for you outside.



3.    Recycle Left Over Food

I have no idea why more people do not do this. It has been hard enough persuading family and friends.

It is laziness but the reality is when you do this it is in fact much easier overall.

In the UK we have the small food caddy which stays under the sink and the large one outside which you empty into.

Left over food under the sink?


I hear this a lot.

No no no.

You could empty this caddy daily if you wanted but no need.

The left over food might stay in the bin in your kitchen for up to two weeks!

That is ewww.

Have you ever smelled your bin?

Imagine the germs and bacteria festering away in your kitchen.

A pack of 100 could last you a year and this makes the process even easier.

Because they are compostable there is no need to empty them, just pick them out of your small food caddy when full or when you are ready and then drop them into the large caddy outside.


Really lazy?

Because they are airtight they do not leak.

If your small caddy does not smell, why clean it?

Just put in another bag and away you go!

If dirty I just use some spray bleach, spray it, rinse it, and done.

When do you have the big family meal?

Just bring the caddy to the table and scrape the plates straight in!

The downside?

The poor guys who collect the waste.

One day I went up to the recycling truck to ask for a new bin and the smell?

Wow, and the flies?

 Omg! Not a job I would wish on anyone.

Tip – Everything food can go in here, tea bags, coffee grind, anything even similar to food, even old bars of soap!


Tip 2 – If there is no meat, maybe just fruit peel, tea bags, and coffee grind, there really is no need to empty it until it is time for collection or the bag is full. Think about it, would you empty your bin if it was not full? The caddy under the sink is just another bin.



4.    Flatten All Large Cardboard Boxes

Again I am sure this is advised or requested.

It makes it easier for collection but also easier for you.

Simply leave by your front door until you leave the house and either place it in the bin or by the side.

5.    Can Carrier Bags Be Recycled?


Really we need maybe a monthly collection.

At the moment they can be recycled at large supermarkets and that is too much trouble for most people.

To reduce the amount of carrier bags used in the UK a charge was introduced, coincidently on my birthday.

I think in the years since I might in my indignation may be paid for one, maybe a couple of times and I use the strong textile reusable bags.

They are handy, stronger, and carry more.

Why then am I left with sacks of plastic bags?

Get one bag and place unwanted bags inside the one bag and when full place inside one big clear sack.

These bags are great and can be used for all recyclable material should you fill your recycling bin.


Tip 1 – Remember to include the plastic bags for bread. Use this bag to place all unwanted bags inside. It takes up much less space, push all the bags in tight. When full you are left with a rugby ball size and then drop in the larger sack.


Tip 2 – The good bags you want to keep? Flatten them to remove all air. Fold and fold and then roll and secure with an elastic band. This is a great space saver and when you need a bag you just grab it and it will fit neatly in your pocket!

6.    Train Your Kids

Easier said than done but definitely possible and you find the younger generation are more in tune with protecting the environment so might not be difficult at all for them to be more responsible.

Tip – To prevent you or your kids falling into old habits, get rid of you bin altogether. Here you see my bin, one of the food caddy bags. It takes me six weeks or longer to fill this, tip number 7 will tell you how

7.    Get Some Elastic Bands

I doubt many will go to these lengths, it sounds tiresome and tedious but really it is not bad at all.

When you recycle everything, what are you left with?

Carrier bags are dealt with in tip number 5 but there are other bags not yet recycled, sweet wrappers, plastic film, and of course crisp wrappers.

You won’t get many crisp packets inside a small caddy bag.

Time for some origami!

Grab all those bits of plastic and crisp packets.

Flatten and fold and fold until you can fold no more, tie with an elastic band and drop it in your small caddy bag.

Tip – When it is full squeeze as tight as you can and secure with one or two elastic bands and you are left with a small ball of waste. What do I do then? I just drop it by the front door, remember it is all clean waste. The next time I go out, to work, to the shop, I just drop it in the nearest bin!


When others fill a giant wheelie bin in two weeks, it takes me six weeks or more to fill a small bag but I am still not happy.

Most of what is in here can be and will in the future be made recyclable, reducing my waste even more.

8.    Larger Items How to Dispose

In this day and age, there is no getting away from it, you cannot help but throw stuff away, no matter how much you recycle.

It is just the way it is, or your house will be filled with junk and rubbish.

I never feel good about it but as I said I am not a warrior, I am just a normal guy but I want to continue my record of never putting out my bin.

So I cheat, just a little.

For the bigger items, I cannot be bothered to drive all the way and queue at the local tip.

When I go to the retail park I drive to the back or to a residential block and place it in one of those large industrial bins.

A bit lazy? Well, this is a lazy man’s guide after all.

But just think if we all did this?

Never mind the money saved with fewer collections.

We would then become even more focused on what was left over and strive harder to ensure that even this was made to be recycled.

Tip – Did you know small electrical items are collected to be recycled. I am not sure how this works, I remember reading it but have to admit I have never done it but as stated much of what is made can be unmade


9.    Your Bin Is Always Clean!

Have you ever smelt your wheelie bin?

You throw all kinds of crap in there and it stinks unless you clean it regularly, so following these tips will save you this effort.

All that food waste, attracting flies to your house will be no more.

Remember, because it is all clean and dry waste, your recycling bin will never smell and you will never need to clean it!

No more bin bags!

Have you noticed how much heavier your garbage bin is compared to your recycling bin?

Not only do you not need to wheel this heavier bin out. Now you are only wheeling one bin out. It is a win-win scenario.

10.    Clear Conscience

It might all sound tedious but the reality is it is much more tedious to document it than to do it.

Before I wrote this I thought maybe there would be 25 tips but realize I struggled to make just ten.

The truth is to never put out your bin ever again and easing your conscience is much easier and straightforward than you ever realized.

On bin collection day you get a great feeling.

A sense of personal satisfaction.

No need to get up and drag out that bin, or drag it back again.

Imagine, if we all did this 🤔

Less waste goes to landfill

Fewer collections

Lower taxes

Less disruption from collection trucks

A cleaner environment

I think the time has come for us to begin cleaning up after ourselves a bit more.

We do not drop litter in the streets so why throw it in the ground?

It is not a solution to climate change and but clearly the way to go.

Positive change in many areas is necessary to protect and preserve our way of life but we cannot leave it to our governments.

The changes must come from us.

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